Essayhark: legit or scam? safe of unreliable?

When you have a school assignment you’ve put off until the last minute or feel like you can’t complete, it might be easier to look into other resources for getting the paper written. One of these resources is Essayshark is a website where you can pay people to write your papers or complete assignments for you. With any website like this, however, there come pros and cons, learn about them in this essayshark review.

is essayshark legit


It’s easy to use

When you log into Essayshark, it will walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to get started, and it helps you find someone to write your paper for you. There’s nothing confusing about the website or how it functions.

You pick your writer

Essayshark allows you to handpick which writer you want to complete your essay. This prevents you from getting a writer that writes in a completely different style from what you want. It also allows you to track the progress of the paper while your article is being written. The open communication and ability to contact your writer is a huge advantage when it comes to sites like these.

They’re not a scam

It’s always a concern when you see a service being offered, such as writing essays, for such a cheap price. Many times, these kinds of situations turn out to be illegitimate and steal your information, your money, or both. However, there’s no need to worry when it comes to They have systems in place to ensure you receive what you pay for.


Little to no customer service

Since all of the communication lies between you and the writer, Essayshark doesn’t see a need for any customer service. What Essayshark doesn’t take into account is that not all of the writers are good, meaning sometimes customer service would be helpful. You might have to deal with a writer who won’t do what you want and try to scam you out of your money, and there’s nobody to help you take care of that situation.

Chance of plagiarism

As with most sites like this, essayshark provides some sort of system to ensure people aren’t plagiarizing. However, systems like these are hardly ever perfect, and there have been several reported instances of plagiarized work being sold on the site. You’ll have to determine for yourself if it’s worth the risk.

Chance of poor quality

Although you get to choose your writer, oftentimes the writer may seem great at the time, but the finished product is no good. Then you’re left in the terrible situation of either submitting a poorly written essay, rewriting it yourself, or finding someone else who is hopefully better.

Final Thoughts:

Essayshark is an okay service. It gets the job done if you’re in a time crunch or if you feel incapable of completing an assignment. However, the system is by no means the best one out there. Its lack of customer support and the potential for low-quality/plagiarized essays is concerning, but if you’re careful with how you use the system, and you leave enough time to revise the end result, you should have no issues using essayshark.